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CornerStone approaches every project in the same manner, to find the best product solution for each and every application. Our product offering of adhesives are one of the most diverse in the industry. We offer not only our own brands of high performing adhesives but also adhesive products from some of the worlds most renowned adhesive manufacturers.

Adhesives by CornerStone


StoneBond consists of EVA based Hot Melts and Water Based Adhesive formulations.


EVA based hot melts are the most versatile and practical technology of hot melt adhesive on the market offering a great balance of performance and cost. 


StoneBond Water Based Adhesives offer a wide variety of technologies for many applications. 


PureStone Hot Melts are high performing Metallocene and advanced proprietary formulated adhesives providing excellent clarity and machinability.


PureStone hot melts offer no charring, reduced stringing and smoke, and increased mileage resulting in more "up-time" and process efficiency. 


StoneTak adhesives are a group of hot melt and water based adhesives typically used for substrates which are difficult to adhere. 

PSA Hot Melts, APAO Hot Melts, PSA Water Based Adhesives, Arcylic Based Adhesives and more.

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